Emerging Patterns
Mixed Media Acrylic and Vintage Sewing Patterns on Wood
The word sewing evokes many childhood memories. Fond memories of my mother peacefully creating in her neat, organized sewing room, and not so fond memories of my less than peaceful protests about weekly mother daughter sewing lessons. Sewing always felt too precise for me, with little room for error or experimentation. My mother finally realized that we had different ideas about creativity, and I was released from sewing captivity. So, it was with great delight (bordering on giddiness) that one day while browsing in a thrift store, I discovered that my mother and I actually did have something in common relating to sewing: patterns. For her, the neatly folded packages represented the ordered, perfect guide to creating a meticulously crafted outfit. For me, they represented imperfection at its finest; crumpled, messy piles of hundreds of sheets of vintage tissue waiting to be re-purposed as texture, form, and line in my paintings.