Fluid Acrylic / Mixed Media on Canvas
Moving from California to a Pacific Northwest Island seemed almost, well, like moving to Timbuktu. Maybe I was remembering the catchy little Timbuktu saying that my parents used when they wanted to refer to something really far away or out of reach. I became intrigued with the concept of exploring Timbuktu, whatever it meant, through a series of paintings. On the surface, this body of work honors the rich colors, primitive art, and fantastic, yet difficult, journey travelers experienced when they visited the real city of Timbuktu in Mali. And not quite so obviously on the surface, this work speaks of my own journey to a new life on a (somewhat) remote Pacific Northwest island. The paintings are constructed of many layers of fluid acrylic paint that is partially removed with steel wool. Paint is then reapplied, and the dance of addition/reduction continues until the painting is finished.