Welcome Color Lab!

A new hands-on color theory workshop that explores the exciting language of color!

But wait…..there’s more. Did I mention FUN along with the words color theory? This could be the most important word one could associate with color theory. Why, you ask? Let me tell you. 

Years ago when I was just a wee freshman at the Cleveland Institute of Art, I was required to take a color theory class as part of the foundation program. Twice a week I would dutifully trudge into the classroom, park myself behind a desk, and focus intently on creating doodles while the professor pontificated on the finer points of color theory. At the end of each lecture the finer points of my doodles made quite a statement, but the drone of the monotonous curriculum had passed swiftly in one ear and out the other. 

Years later, as a professional artist, I came across that textbook in a dusty box of books. I vaguely remember stifling a groan, or perhaps it was a loud yawn. But, being older and supposedly wiser, I was curious to crack the offensive cover and revisit the message with a fresh eye. Amazing! Out of the classroom and away from the dry professor, the book was quite fascinating. For the first time, I also began to consider that color theory, taught in a fluid, hands-on art studio, could be really fun and engaging. But the biggest ah-ha moment was realizing that in the years that followed those wild art student college days, color had emerged as the single most important element in my work. It is also the number one reason why people are drawn to my work, and hands down, the most enjoyable part of my creative process. Adding up these revelations led to a simple conclusion: it would be great to create an exciting hands-on color workshop and share my passion with other creative souls. After the initial spontaneous conception of an idea, birthing that idea takes a fair amount of patience, research and planning. But at last, the stork arrived and a new workshop, Color Lab: Hands-on Exploration of Color Theory, was born. 

In case you can't tell, I’m thrilled to have added Color Lab to the 2017 line up of Lauryn Taylor Contemporary Art Workshops. Come join me for an insightful and inspirational day celebrating the language of color.