Creation Celebration!

As another beautiful summer sinks slowly behind the horizon, the subtle reminders of fall have started gently nudging our senses. Brisk gusts of wind, swirling golden leaves with crisp edges, and the scent of light rain falling on parched earth herald the arrival of...(drum roll please)...a new website and blog, Open Studio Tour August 29 & 30, Fall Painting Workshops, and a brand new body of work!

Yes, it's that time of year when I feel incredibly grateful that when I take leave of my art, my art never leaves me. And, when I return from whatever life matter has lured me away, (in this case, summer family trips and activities) the art that resides deep in my soul is there patiently waiting for me, ready to start anew or resume where we left off. This time, when I stepped back into my dusty studio, the passion was stronger than ever, giving birth to a big breakthrough in both the creative and marketing side of my art. 

Please join me in celebrating the long awaited arrival of a completely new website (thank you Jeanne Juneau), a new schedule of acrylic and encaustic workshops that will be held in my lovely old schoolhouse studio/workshop space on Whidbey Island, and a beautiful new body of work that will debut at the Open Studio Tour August 29 and 30.

Speaking of the Studio Tour, please, be my guest next weekend. Stop by my studio and enjoy colorful art, tasty food, and lively libations (for big people and small). Feel free to ask questions about the process, my painting workshops, or about acquiring a piece of original art. As usual, I will have studio tour specials. Don't leave without a Whidbey Working Artists Studio Tour brochure to guide you to the other studios. The booklet features a full page for each artist as well as a map. It promises to be an artful weekend; rich in fun, festivity, and a celebration of the creative process.